24 HUGO illuminate the former rowing house in Sedan

In Sedan, in the French Ardennes, the fortified castle, which has dominated the city since the 15th century, is the largest in Europe. Its imposing appearance contrasts with the elegance of the old rowing house nestled on the "Corne de Soissons", on the banks of the Meuse. A multidisciplinary space designed to host exhibitions, painting workshops and even a coworking space.

The French-Belgian designer and photographer born in Sedan, Serge Anton, has been working on this architectural and artistic project for two years. Without showing the interior of the building yet, Serge Anton lifts a corner of the cover on the magnificent renovated exterior of the Atelier.

Serge Anton likes the warm light and the sobriety of the spaces. The praise of the shadow, as he often says. For the nocturnal scenarisation of his project, he opted for the HUGO luminaire, a GU10 wall lamp with lighting only directed downwards. 24 HUGO now magnify the forms of the elegant building, whose new pride should reflect on the entire city of Champagne.

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