At Indigo Lighting, we are firmly convinced of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and have formalized this commitment in a five-year plan 2022-2026.

Being keen to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals with our suppliers and customers, we are aware of the pressing need and importance of pooling our forces and energy as of now for a more sustainable world.



  • Indigo Lighting is a Belgian company active in the distribution of residential and commercial lighting through a professional network (B2B). It celebrated twenty years of market presence in 2022.
  • Indigo Lighting distributes its products in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany.
  • It generated a turnover of €30.6 million in 2022.
  • Indigo Lighting can count on employees who adhere to the company's values.
  • Indigo Lighting has since 2003 been part of a European group owned by Ambienta, one of the largest asset managers in Europe geared fully to environmental sustainability.